Our company, which realizes production as a reliable company in PVC granule sector, with a wide range of products to meet the demand with its sensitivity to environment and human health manufactures high quality phthalates and Lead-free plasticized PVC GRANULES and vinyl based TPE.

What is PVC granule and where is it used?

PVC is a raw material that cannot be processed alone compared to other raw materials.PVC Granule (compound) is a material which developed with the addition of additives that are heat, light, softness, hardness, impact and tensile strength of PVC raw material. The material sent to the customer after the compound is no pure material, it is a composite material that is reinforced with additives.

PVC has two types of usage, rigid and flexible. Rigid PVC is mostly used for pipes, window profiles, wall coverings, etc. Soft or flexible PVC types are mostly used in shoe, cable industry, flooring, hose, toy and glove making.

What is Vinyl Based TPE and where is it used?

Blending of nitrile rubber ( NBR) with plasticised PVC produces vinyl-based thermoplastic elastomers TPEs and substitutes for vulcanized rubber and TPU in many applications due to its excellent fuel and grease resistance.

These materials offer a versatile range of properties and are used in numerous applications; such as gaskets, footwear, cable jacketing, hose, tubing and coated fabrics.

The nitrile rubber NBR provides the following advantages:

Flexible PVC plasticized with conventional plasticizers may lose plasticizer under certain conditions and become rigid and brittle. In contact with fuel, NBR reduce the extraction of the plasticizer.

Flexible PVC modified with NBR loses less weight when in contact with oils. Hence, retention of flexibility and longer service life are ensured.

The addition of NBR to PVC footwear compounds improves the abrasion resistance and enables compliance with the specifications for safety footwear.