G.E.C. Antifreeze, which is organic acid technology, developed with the combination of ethylene glycol and special additives that free from nitrite, phosphate, silicate and amine. Antifreeze is a homogeneous liquid and when added to the cooling systems of engines, lowering the freezing point of the coolant, raising the boiling point and preventing rust. It is recommended to use 4 seasons, not only in winter, due to prevents freezing in the winter as well as preventing heat in summer and it protects metal and its alloys against rust and wear with containing additives. An ideal antifreeze should prevent freezing and not cause to boil of water.


Appearance Homogeneous liquid
Relative density ( 15,5ᵒC , g/cm3) 1.110-1.145
Freezing Point ( ᵒC , %50 diluted antifreeze with water v/v ) , max. -37
Boiling Point ( ᵒC , conc. antifreeze ) , min. 163
Ash , (conc. antifreeze, % ) max. 5
pH ( %50 diluted antifreeze with water v/v) 7.5-11.0
Water content , % (m/m) , max 5
Chloride , mg/L , max 25
Sulphate, mg/L , max -
Effect of car paint Can not effect


When the temperature is ‹0 °C and the car has not moved, cooling water can be freezed.By the way it is larged and make some pressure to engine so that the engine is damaged. Therefore, to prevent freezing you have to add antifreeze which has lower freezing point than water.Water has free and disordered molecules as like all of the liquids however solid is stable and ordered. When the water is getting freezed, the molecules of the water is becomed stable and ordered as called crystallized. At this way antifreeze compose its molecules to water molecules so water molecules are not crystallized. However, if the antifreeze add without water, it can be freezed more easy. Because when antifreeze is added to water, the molecules of water can make to antifreeze molecules too. When the antifreeze proportion is %100 , maximum protection is not provided. If antifreeze is added too much, it reacts irreversible. Therefore, it is not necessary to add too much antifreeze to engine otherwise it can damage. The antifreeze proportion is determined due to temperature of the weather at that region. Use between 33% and 50% antifreeze in Turkey climatic conditions are recommended for maximum protection.

Mixing ratios are;
Water Antifreeze Degrees Celcius (ᵒC)
2 1 -18
1 1 -37
It is recommended to add soft water when making the mixture. Because hard water reduce to protective addings in antifreeze. Therefore, distilled water or soft water is prefered than the others.