During the realization of all projects undertaken within the scope of its activity, it complies with the anti-bribery and anti-corruption legal regulations in force against bribery and corruption.

He never compromises on business ethics in all his actions, from the smallest project implementation to the most strategic and important project step.

While continuing its activities, it gives priority and importance to the laws and acts in accordance with the relevant laws in all its works.

He does not give gifts or rewards in a way that casts doubt on his impartiality, does not offer, or stays away from matters that will provide him with an advantage or benefit in order to continue his activities.

In the event that bribes are accepted, offered, instigated or promised, they immediately cut off their relations with the personnel involved in the relevant situation.

It does not discriminate among its personnel on the basis of origin, color, religion, gender or marital, family disability or conviction.

It protects all data collected with great care and meticulousness in order to prevent the loss of data containing the project or customer information it has carried out, or to prevent it from being transmitted to 2nd or 3rd parties as a result of carelessness.